How To Fix Red X Over Wifi Icon In Windows 7/8/10

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How to fix your Network icon showing a red “X” or its missing even though the wireless adapter is connected and working. This quick tutorial should work for users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Further steps you can take if the tutorial does not work for you:

1. In this case, the wireless radio in your laptop might be turned off. Please look for a hardware switch or special function key to check whether the wireless radio is on.

2. Many factors including physical factors can…


  1. Can you help me? I'm using a laptop, I've reset the router, and I've done tons of what these tutorials say, and none are working. I really need Internet to do my homework, and I've got the red circle and white X. When I click on the WiFi icon, it says WiFi turned off, I've turned it on and nothing changes there, and it gets turned back off, and I turn wifi on in the icon place where it says wifi turned off and control panel, neither works. The control panel one just turns back off and the wifi turned off place one just gets greyed out. Please help

  2. Thanks for this clear tutorial!:)I uninstalled everything(checking the option Delete the driver software for this device) in 'network adapters' (There were a lot of things)and then I clicked on 'Action'>Scan for hardware changes.It got fixed!:)

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