How to FIX Sound problem after installing Virtual Audio Cable on Windows 10 (Updated)

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Virtual Audio Cable has broken your main audio driver ?

Sound not working after installing Virtual Audio Cable / VB Cable on Windows 10. No problem, just watch the video to solve your PC sound problem.

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  1. 1.- A few day ago I downloaded VBCable from the official site. (Paid nothing)
    2.- I have Windows 10 / 64 bit.
    2.- VBCable appeared in the sound card (sound) as a Cable input and cable output.
    3.- That's all
    4.- I didn't get any 'VBCable control panel', ¿is that OK?
    5. I tried to register a radio program using Audacity, with no results.
    6.- Is there something wrong?
    7.- Audacity is in MM – Cable Output – Cable Input
    8.- Thanks

  2. â–  I use Windows 10. Even if I close all windows, after trying using Audacity with Virtual Audio Cable the sound 'trial', trial' persists, continues. â–  I restarted Windows and as soon as I tryed to watch a video, the sound came again. It's very nerving

  3. hi i have a question! okay so i stream and i use adobe audition cc since it fixes my mic fuzz. so i had to get a virtual audio cabel and now my sound goes through that audio cabel and the sound no longer comes out of the speakers. so this video you made will fix the issue i have ? thanks again man!

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