How to Fix Stuck Context Menus in Windows 7 and vista – Tech Help

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This Video will Help you Fix Corrupt Context Menus.

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  1. I am having a similar issue and that box was already unchecked… when i go to different windows such as browser, outlook, or any other menu's, a part or the previous window gets stuck on top of the new window i clicked on and only way to make it go away is to minimize it or close it and reopen. Sometimes i cant see a thing on the next window im on like an email i cant even see text in the email all i see is what ever was on the last window i was on. Any idea what this is? its

  2. please help me! This happened to me a little while ago and I found this same solution on some random website and I did it and it worked, I was so happy! but the same thing happened again and I was like wtf I already did the thing so why is there another text box that won't go away? i was like whatever I thought if I just did it again it would go away but now its stuck for real and even though i did the same thing as before it won't make it go away what do i do ?!?!?!?! its super annoying and im really scraed that it wont go away

    ALSO i tried changing my screen resolution and doing the tskill dwm.exe but neither worked i have windows 10 i looked in the comments and ppl said to delete dwm.exe in task manager but i looked and it isnt there also i am so clueless with computers i dont know how to do all that complicated stuff but i do know how to use them in general im not completely hopeless like say a grandma

  3. Weird one for me. I'm on Windows 10, so that might be the difference. I unticked this box, ran tskill dwm (as administrator), but still seeing a leftover context menu. In my case it's a popover. I even killed every program, but it's still there, in the foreground of anything i open. Any other ideas? A reboot will work of course, but this keeps coming up at random times when I don't want to reboot, being annoying.

  4. This may not be the same thing, but you probably know how to fix this too. When I have a couple windows open at the same time, sometimes, the window that's active doesn't fill in all the way and you can see the one behind it showing through. Also, when you move a window around, especially down, it creates an effect like ghost window outlines from where the window was to where you've moved it to. My old computer did this a lot, and now my new one is doing it. Drives me crazy. Any suggestions?

  5. thanks! after disabling this feature, though, menus look kind of weird so i usually end up re enabling it. the best fix for me was doing this and then enabling the setting again. Steven Cooper's fix also works, it probably takes about the same amount of time.

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