1. Hai, thanks. But, like some others I can't use ctrl+alt+del. I figured out to access regedit from cmdin bluescreen troubleshooting menus (I dont know the name, the advanced setting). However, I can't update and restart it from there. Thanks

  2. I press ctrl alt delete. It doesn’t respond. I really need my laptop cause I have homework and art to do. Is there any other way??

    Edit: tbh If nothing works I might have to take it in 🙁

  3. Well I don't know why this should work….. but it bloody well did!

    Thanks very much for posting this. Ive tried several "fixes" since it packed up on me several weeks ago after a Windows Automatic Update. THIS was the one that actually worked.

    You're a hero! I wish I could buy you a pint!


  4. Im having the same problem and your fix didin't work. The value in Shell was already set to explorer.exe and it's still not working. Trying to run explorer.exe as new task in T.Manager isn't working either (nothing happens).

  5. My system used to get on for 3-4 seconds before getting black with a blunt sound, i took help from the toll free helpline number +1-888-828-5947. It helped me a lot, will suggest you all the same.

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