1. I can get into safe mode and then it allows me access to the Admin account but everything that was previously on my PC is gone except I see that the files are still there. It will not show any of the user accounts that I previously had so all the stuff I had on this PC is now inaccessible. This issue started after I allowed the PC to update and once it did it locked me out and created a new user account that I could not log into with my password. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  2. My dell PC force me to do windows 10 update recently. Yesterday, somehow my PC cannot recognize my PW and I am sure it is correct. I tried many times, and eventually the PW box just automatically shows up ppppppppppppp or black dots. I can not even delete or change it. I did follow the instruction to restart, many times…..if I am lucky, I get a blank PW box for entering my own PW but only with on screen key board. However, after another restart, it go back to the same pppppppppp in PW box…… I'm am in the middle of tax return with Turbotax. All stopped…… sad, sad, sad!!!!!

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