1. Dude! You’re a life saver thank you so much! I tried everything I’ve been told and nothing worked. Just when I was about to give up, I tried all the steps in the Command Prompt you said and it worked! You sir are amazing. 👍

  2. It works only when i override files 5:15 (Yes to all) , why did you copy files at the first place if you if you will never use it! 😀 😀 thanks anyway it works! you're a life saver!

  3. i removed my battery and pluged in to charge, pressed Esc,and did a hardware and memory check and after it i just pressed enter, the blank screen appeard again and then i hit few times F8 and F5 and it works now

  4. Can someone help me?
    I'm using win 10 for a while now , and it usually working for 4-5 minutes and a random colored screen always shows up and windows crashes . I've never seen this before and I don't know what to do

  5. Thanks for the video. Turned my laptop on three times got to the repair screen, changed to the previous version of windows 10, see if that works. Everything was fine until I downloaded the latest windows 10 update then I could not open windows.

  6. I have a Black Screen, I can't even see the logo, and I know it's not my video card, there is nothing, no loading, no logo, my PC just gives power and that's it.. I restarted so many times like you've said, still no auto repair thingy, my PC doesn't give power to my keyboard or mouse. I've been told to reset using a usb, bro… There is no image feed, I can't do it. :/

    (And people been saying Windows 7 is better, lol, you a good prankster, same shit happened)

  7. You saved me more days of headaches trying to fix this. It all started because an update that MS is aware it fails, or even though the Update was installed Windows can't read it. I've been trying everything for 3 days and your fix finally did it. Thank you!!!

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