How to Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine【windows activation 2016】

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  1. The program "Loader" is not safe. I looked up if it is safe or not and it says that it is safe for the coder but anyone else no. It says it can get into the system and just do anything it wants once you get it. So I suggest you shouldn't download or get it. <o/

  2. I had my w7 nicely installed and activated by IT, but I´d like to have the whole set to do it myself in other pcs of mine.
    See if I´m right. Installing from 0, pc has been formated, is completely empty. I need a w7 program boot drivers, a w7 crack and w7 activator or whatever is called in order to have it as full genuine ?
    I have a bit mess with it.
    A helpful soul here to guide me?
    I will read and download the rest.

  3. MBR regenerator and windows loader worked on my brother's pc. But on my PC, if I use slmgr or MBR regenerator, my PC IMMEDIATELY expires my 30 day trial when I reset and It's not genuine again. So I can't use windows loader.

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