How To Fix Windows 8.1 Cannot View Image Thumbnails

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Just A Simple Tutorial ^o^

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  1. i have a peculiar problem with my windows 8.1
    the thumbnail preview for images in explorer are all good but preview for the same image in the details pane seems like corrupted with black horizontal lines.
    can u help me ?

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  3. Hi Guys…
    Before you follow the steps on this tutorial

    Please make sure if your Drive(C:) partition capacity is above 1GB
    otherwise this tutor will not working at all

    because Windows will automatically save more storage to run the system.
    hope this can help you guys, and good luck 😀

    thanks 😀

  4. hi
    Thanks for the good video
    my problem is a little bit different. some of the image files does view thumbnails and the others doesn't, they are all .jpeg by the way, i did what you did but nothing happened.
    Would you kindly help me ?

  5. Also, if you have settings to "let computer choose performance settings" than that will block views as well. Set computer to show best visuals as opposed to best performance.

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