How to Force Quit an App in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS // Ubuntu Tips & Tricks

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In this video, I show you how to force quit an application or program in Ubuntu.

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  1. Thanks for the video…I have looked on your videos but can't find anything…I was wondering if you have done a video about running multi os on you pc…I am sure you understand my mean but just to clarify I am running Win 10 and would also like to run ubuntu also…I love them both for dif reasons…If you have some idea where I can find a good vid that would be great..Either yourself or someone else…Thanks again!

  2. For Linux Mint (or otherwise Cinnamon users) (I definetely know it's there in feren OS (I'm not sure how it became an application in the launcher, but I'm assuming it's there in Linux Mint 18): You can run an app called 'Kill' from the Apps Menu you use rather than using xkill… (It will launch xkill for you)

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