How to format and clean install the latest windows 10 creators update

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  1. Not sure how this happened but when I downloaded the windows 10 and my driver files from dell my USB was converted to a ESD-USB. I didn't see an option to convert but it happened. What do I need to do to fix?

  2. Thanks man been fighting with Microsoft since November 29th they took control of my pc 12 different times and couldn't fix the fall creators update I was so fed up I found your vid and it worked like a charm

  3. Hey there, so my system recognizes the boot up usb drive, and opens up the first window, language etc…but then I can't hit the 'next' button? My keyboard or touch screen is totally unfunctional, so i remain stuck and unable to complete the installation? Any ideas would be appreciated.

  4. Does anyone know why it freezes when i try to reset my laptop? I have an hp 15 laptop and i get through the microsoft account amd when i go to set a pin or skip it it freezes does anyone know why?

  5. If I have Windows 10 activated and then I go to your step to format/clean install, will I get into trouble by deleting those partitions where the original Windows 10 installation was? Or is the MS tool smart enough to know about my original Windows 10 upgrade? Thank you.

  6. I just upgrade my laptop from win8 to win10. I want to format it because some error are occured when i open the video, music and others app, so my question is, if i format it will my laptop window10 will be the same or back to original???? PLEASE ANSWER IT ASAP. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

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