How to Format and Clean Install Windows 10

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This is a step by step instructions on installing Windows 10. for a clean install you might need to disable UEFI

Download Windows 10

Burn ISO onto a disc

Disable UEFI

Change the boot order

If you dont want to loose data, upgrade:


  1. During the installation windows constantly gets stuck at around 90% and just stays there,from what i ve noticed also the hdd light stops blinking,sometimes i get the bsod saying its an machine exeption error or watchdog timeout error but mostly it just stays on the black screen with the windows logo saying its at 90% ?

  2. So if I do this does clear all or most viruses/threats from before? Please answer I've had some insanely bad Trojans and malware in trying to get rid of.(I know nothing of computers)

  3. i keep getting bsod "memory management error" after installing windows and restarting to boot up for first time,googled it and people say its most likely ram, i can assure its not the ram, i literally did not touch the ram and it was working perfectly fine and memtest shows no errors, very frustrating, i have an ss-hd 1tb and a 128gb ssd that i am trying to install windows on,

  4. Hey man I have a problem and I can't see video on how to solve it. When I finish the first part in the installation progress, it boot up and restart from the beggining without starting to download 🙁 does someone have suggestion ?

  5. Thanks to your info, I got a clue and deleted the messed up partitions on a drive that were preventing the Win 10 installer from detecting it. I simply used Disk Management to "Delete Volume" and that made it "unallocated space". Then the Win 10 installer could see it! Thanks!

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