How to Format and Install Windows XP 32/64 bit [HD]

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Fast Q/A:

Q: Can you give me a download link?
A: No! I’m not providing any download links because it’s illegal in my country! Find them yourself!
Q: Do I need a CD/DVD for this
A: Yes! You have to use a DVD of Windows XP
Q: Can I install Windows WITHOUT DVD/CD Disk?
A: Yes, you can! If you have .ISO disk image of windows, you can create a bootable USB [Instruction:…


  1. my computer is freezing at the point where you push enter to continue setup of windows xp…. i have official version of xp home edition its on a dell precision with 40gb sata drive…. what do i do?

  2. I hope this question isn't as stupid as some of the others.
    I have an old Toshiba Satellite POS Celeron that my daughter upgraded from WIN7 to 10.
    It only has 2 MG ram so now it is REALLY running slow.
    I've tried to downgrade to XP – I have disks w SP1, SP2 and SP3.
    It won't allow me to go through normal reinstall procedures.
    Am I safe just to format C: from control panel and then install XP.
    or just give it a format:c command?
    Been ages since I used c: commands and seems there were extensions to use when formatting.
    BTW, thanks for the upload.

  3. i have already the bootable cd, but how do i get to that setup? i have an acer aspire 4315 and for some reason, whenever i turn it on , it would say "Operating System not found"! and now i tried to choose boot menu and select CD/DVD. After I pressed enter, it is stuck on a blinking underline in the upperleft corner. help me

  4. Good day sir/maam.
    Me and my group-mates in our Thesis are asking for your permission to use your video in our thesis which is about tutorials of several Operating Systems and Computer trouble shooting.
    Your video tutorial is so informative and easy to understand so we are so eager to include this to our thesis project.
    It would be a great help if you will allow us to use your video.
    Godbless! 🙂

  5. want to install xp 64 bit with pen drive but can not find any software that would support xp 64 bit to write installation disk in usb thumb drive from iso even the software you said to use in description does not work with it it says that iso is not valid but i am preety sure about iso file as i have installed xp 64 bit with it in virtualbox may be you could help me thanks for reading!!

    waiting you to reply…..

  6. Hey, I am currently facing a strange behavior. I changed the hard drive and I booted from the CD room, all it's OK but when the licence agreement it's supossed to appear, I only see the blue screen, at the begining I though there was a delay but after some time I started following your video, I mean, I pressed F8 to accept the agreement, ENTER to format the partition but I'm still seing this blue screen, it seems to be formatting but and I don't see any text, I only see the yellow progressive bar. Some ideas about what it's happening?

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