How to Format and Reinstall Windows xp

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This video is to let people who dunno how to install windows xp operating system.i hope this video tutorial can help you.

for more information go to :

still not sure how to install?Hope this website will help you.


  1. do you need the cd

    to formate

    windows  7 has Reinstall windows on my emachines

    i have a dell windows xp

    with no disk 

    can you make a disk option

    does dell have a bult in  Reinstall windows botton i have no disk

    i cant find any video for how to Reinstall windows with no disk

    if there is a way can someone show me a video


  2. When I did that it just asked me for my RAID drivers…. I don't have such crap but my HDD is connected via SATA2 cable. I cannot find any option to change it to IDE…
    Im using gigabyte H55M-UD2H motherboard…
    Could you please give me advice? I've been looking through the net all day to no avail

  3. When I get to the License Agreement, it won't let me press anything but ESC (I don't agree) it wont even let me go to the next page of the agreement. Can I please get some help with this?

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