How To Format Hard Drive And Reinstall Windows XP (Full Step by Step Tutorial)

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How To Format Hard Drive And Reinstall Windows XP (Full Step by Step Tutorial)


  1. I tried to install an xp in my laptop which is '' for refurbished pc''…it ask me the valid product key. I input the original vpk from sticker in laptop' bottom but doesn't work. I haven't try your method yet but wonder if it will ask me for this product key if I do it…

  2. i get bsod and i set hhd settings in bios to raid/ata. then, i tried legacy mode which is for older systems got bsod. what do i do now? BTW i have dell optiplex 780 and had windows xp on it before but i upgraded thinking it was better plz help.

  3. Good day sir/maam.
    Me and my group-mates in our Thesis are asking for your permission to use your video in our thesis which is about tutorials of several Operating Systems and Computer trouble shooting.
    Your video tutorial is so informative and easy to understand so we are so eager to include this to our thesis project.
    It would be a great help if you will allow us to use your video.
    Godbless! ūüôā

  4. can you help me or make a video on how to mend  windows xp i have a aspire 5315 acer laptop and i keep getting a logon.scr-application error..
    the application failed initialize properly (0xc0000135) click ok to terminate the application.  
    i have tried to do a system restore no luck and ¬†go back to the last working settings no luck and debug no luck and safe mode been fro them all still no luck my laptop boots up to the green flashing lights and then stops i have tried reinstalling windows with ¬†cd but ¬†it wont load up am stuck now… please can you help me thank you in advance

  5. I have a laptop with Windows 7 and I have the original XP CD and everytime I try to Install XP on that PC I get a blue screen that says that Windows found a problema and the system was stopped and bla bla bla, so I can't. what can I do?

  6. my other unit is now dead.. i mean ,, program was lost….. so i want to install it again…but the first step i need to have to donload the windowp it is right ,, coz i dont have any copy or link on how to dowwnload the progream of windoxp…..

  7. thanks for posting this,, its really helpful to everyone…. but i want to know on how to have a copy on window xp in my usb flash…can u teach me where i can have the down load window xp for free ¬†and have a copy for this using my usb flash…..

  8. Hello? I need help I need to reset a windows xp computer that my sister gave me it is too slow and I do not have any disks or anything and I do not understand your video it goes too fast

  9. What do i do when the setup does not detect the hard drive and only the usb that im installing xp with? I don't know how to fix this problem. I would show you what the problem is but I have little time to film a video.

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