How to Game on Linux

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Is Linux a viable alternative to using Windows for gaming?

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  1. I have a gaming rig and a laptop, on my gaming rig i have windows 10 and on my laptop i have linux, i use my laptop to work but i wanted to download a game to pass time while in break at work… it's not anything that heavy it's just Runescape. Could I Download It There And Run It No Problem?

  2. can i ask why someone dedicated to using linux would use a compatability layer to run proprietary software of any kind including games. hell why would a linux user even use steam. if you are using linux because you see the evils of these less free as in freedom software companies then you are being a hypocrite, if you are not using linux for that reason then just dual boot because you are basically doing that anyway and the only person you are fooling is yourselves

  3. 0:23 "Surely there's got to be a better way" Yes there is. You can buy it for like $5 on eBay from a reputable vendor if you don't want to go through the hassle of pirating it.

  4. Has any one tried running Linux (native on machine) then using virtual box pci pass through with a windows 10 guest!? And yeah Nvidia just works. Look on Ubuntu forums and see who gets what working. The propitiatory driver worked awesome (near windows performance on arch/open-box). The problem with Nouveau and other open source drivers is Nvidia doesn't cooperate at all when it comes to specs. I've heard Intel and AMD cooperate with Linux devs yet integrated graphics suck and I've been hearing AMD still doesn't seam to perform on Linux. On a positive note for Linux gamers: pcsx2 and epsxe (not sure about the ps3 em) works great with Linux; Crash, jak 2, &C were really fun to play 10 years later in better definition. I might do a few bench marks ( I need to do a windows reinstall soon) I'll post them here if any one is curious what a gtx 1060 performance difference is Linux vs Win.

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