How to Get Around Windows 8

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Windows 8 sports a bold new interface designed for both touch-enabled devices and keyboards/mice. But for the uninitiated, it can be extremely confusing and frustrating to use, with many controls now hidden behind new ways to interact with your computer. Want to know how to actually use Windows 8 without going crazy? Here are the most important Windows 8 shortcuts and tips for getting around.

Grab a cheat sheet of the new shortcuts here:

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  1. so dissapointed with windows 8. Its like they havent even thought through most of the features. If something isnt a default program it can't use metro mode, also desktop programs/ desktop mode stops gestures working. Its really not that customizable. Windows 7 was so much better. I'm stuck with this now because i brought a new laptop. So far its been pretty annoying and shitty. Even closing windows/apps is long. Instead of one click i have to drag down now.

  2. I'm super excited, I just purchased a new laptop. With the multiple screens, I will be able to so much more efficiently for my business. Thanks for the very informative video, quick and straight to the point!

  3. i was originally flumoxed by win8 but find its fun now, a bit annoyed that not all screens can be dismissed with the old fashioned x but some have to be despatched by dragging the hand down

  4. My question, which seems like a simple one tho nobody has been able to answer it: The camera icon on the start menu… do I move it to the desktop or create a desktop icon for it???

  5. I honestly don't understand why this OS is receiving so much hate.
    It's basically "Windows 7 Plus Edition"–you have the normal Windows 7 desktop + a maximized Start Menu + a more modern-looking interface + faster speeds.
    This is Microsoft's attempt at bringing the people what they've been wanting! View this as an optimized version of Windows–not an overly-daunting one.

  6. it's really not that bad, if you're any good at computers at all you can fix all the little problems that come installed on your windows 8 pc, with a little more knowledge you can make it pretty damn convenient

  7. I am a Windows user for business and pleasure so why should Windows 8 not be for me? Surely Windows 8 is supposed to be the logical upgrade for my Windows 7 PC? If it is not meant for me who is it meant for? 7 year old kids that want to paint smiley faces with their fingers like on the adverts?


  8. I don't reallise why everyone is hating windows 7? I used to think it was JUST squares on a screen, but then I watched videos like this, and it has desktop too. Isn't it just like windows 7, but with a different start menu thingy, and windows store apps? It's backwards compatible with windows 7, so there should be no issues.

  9. I thought I had it figured out, and I was able to delete photos from my camera card, Now all of a sudden I cant delete photos from the card, where do I un do the protection for photos.

  10. What the fuck is this? If people have to watch YouTube videos to FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET AROUND THE COMPUTER, It is NOT intuitive, it is NOT innovative, and it is NOT A GOOD IDEA. It's insulting that there is no "Make this look like Windows 7" feature that comes with 8

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