How To Get Dolphin Emulator on Windows 10

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Playing Gamecube and Wii games on PC is so easy. Here is the quick, bug free way to get Dolphin on your PC. Hope this is helpful guys, more videos to come on how to get controllers set up.

Here are the links for the installation,

Dolphin’s website:


C++ Installation:

Thanks again guys!


  1. if you could do one on 5.0, that'd be great, it's a bit different but overall it's the same. Just the beginning part was a bit confusing cause I had to do it myself. Thanks for the guide though! I had to stop for awhile at the rom downloading part cause of, the 1-2 hour download, but I did it. Now to go set up controllers and see if it works!

  2. I'm running Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn on Dolphin and it stops working suddenly quite often… Plus it is really slow… I wonder if there is any solution to this. My friend said he ran his game on Windows 7 and there is no problem at all so I wonder if it's Windows 10's fault…

  3. I am having a problem with my ISO thing. Everytime I try to load the game it is just a black screen with nothing, but the emulator still recognizes that it is the game i want.

  4. I downloaded it all and everything works fine – except everytime I start up animal crossing it says I need to format my memory card A. I can't say yes/no/enter or anything after that.

  5. Whenever I open mine it doesn't load, it isn't missing anything but i'll open it and then it will bring up the 'X' program isn't responding would you like to close the program or wait for the program to respond..

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