How To Get Internet Explorer 8 On Windows 7

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A quick and very simple tutorial on how to get Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7. None of the crap you’ll find on google!


  1. I just got my old laptop up an running somewhat again and been trying to find a way to install the upgrade for ie8 instead the only optional 11 or 10 so hopefully this will help me get this fixed manually. Thanks for the files and detailed help.

  2. Brilliant! This works. Just successfully uninstalled IE11 from my Win 7 laptop to the default IE8 – which now does exactly what I was missing from the later versions – the ability to RightClick Save As – which hitherto was not working for me on all the sites I needed it to…. Now it does…
    Yes, this very simple technique works, chaps….!!!
    And as for that person who says "Who the hell uses IE?" Well, the answer is I use it to shot-grab pictures from certain sites for my work, that Chrome and Firefox cannot. Otherwise I favour them for other purposes. Horses for courses….!

  3. Thank you very much, this totally solved my problem. Thumb up and don't worry abt the haters and their comments, just remember that even Albert Einstein was criticized, that's the world for you. Keep doing your good work man.

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