How to get more Windows Movie Maker Effects IN Windows XP and Vista

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Hello youtube, this is an old video and I know I didnt explain very well, I would make a new version but who uses windows XP and more… If I can find a way to add effects in Vista and 7 I will make a new video! Thanks
Edit(January 30th 2010):
Im sorry the website has not realesed any vista effects yet….


  1. really how do you get it onto windows moive maker whenever i try it says this The file C:Documents and SettingsgfsMy DocumentsDownloadsInstall_Custom_XP_PIP_Plus_Effects_Ver_1.2.exe is not a supported file type, and it cannot be imported into Windows Movie Maker.

  2. Can you please tell me how to actually put them on Movie Maker? I know how to download them, I just don't know how to upload them onto Movie Maker where you can use them.

  3. @americankesteral Have you downloaded WMM version 2.6 from the MS website? If you haven't, it's free (if you have already, maybe this can help someone else). WMM2.6 will install in Vista and 7 and the effects will work with that version.

    Just be sure when you run the installers and it asks you which folder to install the effects, change the "Movie Maker" folder to "Movie Maker 2.6". If you don't do that, the effects will install in your current version of WMM and the effects will not work.

  4. omg thank u so much this helped alot! ive been trying and looking and this is the first site that auctully works for me! thank you! and i also have a question, could u delete the effects if u dont want them? thanks!!!1 😀

  5. i tried downloading those effects but they dont work D: I mean when they download onto my computer I only see SOME of them and most of them are just black when I try to watch them to see what they look like or when i add them to a clip. also a lot of effects i attempted to download DIDNT go on WMM and now theyre just taking up space:(

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