How to get rid of Activation notification on Windows 10 and 8

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How to get rid of Windows 10 and 8 product key Activation notification

HI, guys .

Here I will show you- how to handle windows 10 or 8 activation notification.
This video content will work for fix this problem 80%.
any way try it.

The trick is stop and disable the Software protection Service .
you can configure it with local service editor.

So first you want to type ” Services.msc ” on search bar
:then open services
: Find Software Protection Services
: Right click and properties
: Try…


  1. Do NOT do this. It is not permanent. The watermark will come back, and now your appsvc.exe, which is part of your auto protection, will stay disabled, since he doesn't tell you how to change it back. You cannot reverse the steps.

  2. you are funny. disable microsoft software protection platform service causes this Problem. If u disable it your windows cant check anymore if ur windows is legal. I got this problem right now. spps uses 20% of my Cpu in idle. thats 1 1/3 Cores with 5Ghz. with spps on the game AC origins lags. without it runs fine. Now i got the problem with the watermark. enable spps remove the mark but the game lags.

  3. QUESTION: I deleted activated Windows 10 to download Kali Linux but now I am going to download the unactivated version of Windows 10. If I log in to my account that had activated windows 10 will it give me my cd key back?

  4. This "solution" to remove the watermark does not work permanently.
    It will only work until the next reboot, but it is nearly there.

    You will need to edit the registry as described, then also change the setting for automatic updates to "never check for windows updates" click OK then restart your pc.

    If the watermark returns after a few hours or after a future reboot then Microsoft have mananged to get a piece of their nasty CONTROLWARE onto your machine during one of the previous updates and it is resetting your automatic updates.

    Check your automatic updates and you'll see they it is once again set to "install updates automatically".

    You need to remove all the updates you already have installed ONE AT A TIME in REVERSE order and reboot between each removal until the watermark no longer appears after a reboot. This can be time consuming but it will work.
    This will eventually remove the microsoft MALWARE that installed during one of the "security updates".

    The breach of "security" is the fact that you tried to stop Microsoft from installing additional bits of their SNEAKWARE on your machine.

    Microsoft are spys for the Govt. They read your key strokes, log your activity, watch you through your webcam, send all your data to the CIA and sneak into your kitchen to drink your beer!

    Windows is useless.
    Don't buy into the myth of windows.
    Don't be a slave to Microsoft.
    Install Mageia Linux, or Oracle Linux
    Save yourself, and save the world from useless expensive operating systems.

    If this additional method works for you, please give it a thumbs up so others can see the solution.
    If it doesn't work for you please let me know in the comments.

    I am NOT trying to steal from Microsoft. I had to reinstall my legal windows 8.1 after my HD started showing errors.
    I used my original LEGALLY purchased licence key to activate a newly downloaded (from the microsoft site) copy of windows 8.1, but I got the "activate windows" watermark.

  5. This is probably just the manual method of activating the same turn off you can find in the Windows Administrative Tools dialogue. Looks like both methods revert to default values every time you boot up.

    I don't have any Windows licensing issues, in my case this is one of the billion or so methods I've been checking out to get & #@.!! Battlefield 1 to run decently on my nearly new PC which has more than all the recommended specs to run the "+&#/!! game. I also have to reset processing priority for BF1 to High or Realtime every single time I play it, so if I have to turn off Software Protection every single time too, I will do it. You can't stop me. I *WILL PLAY THIS GAME. DICE WILL NOT DEFEAT ME.

  6. I was trying to STOP the Activate Windows (8) pop-up that started happening after I very foolishly used the "Refresh' my PC option. I followed these instructions and got it to Disable so I was very hopeful, but as others wrote, does not work. It stayed gone for about an hour & a half, then same 'ol Activate Windows pop up popped back upon the screen 🙁

  7. I hope this will work. My Copy is not illegal but for some reason after a full reboot to factorysettings I am unable to activate my windows. So whenever I do anything this stupid pop up appears. If my laptop wants to live, it should stop doing that;

  8. Yeah this is a BS tutorial and is bad for your system. I had a problem with Spy-Bot and uninstalled it and replaced it with avast which speeded up my system heaps. I still had the watermark so I put the 2 value back in the registry. No further problem. The problem was Spy-Bot!

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