How To Get The Zune Theme For Windows XP

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How To Get The Zune Theme For Windows XP For Free


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  1. mine is screwed i change it to my appeal want it to look like is have the mac OS X lepard background with the cursors that PCwizKid has and the mac sounds but it when i click save as i go the the theme folder and save it the but the thing is it doesn't make the theme file so whenever i want it the way i want it i have to change the sounds cursors and all that instead of just changing the theme from the proprieties menu. Any ideas of how to fix this?

  2. THIS LOOKS SOO COOL WITH FIREFOX! so today i firgured out about NASA night launch for firefox which makes it black, but i hated the olive green on the bottom and top, now this made everything look soo cool with the orange start button! best video ever!

  3. It's not called Royale anymore, at least not in MCE 2005. It was Royale in the MCE pre-release beta. It's called "Energy Blue" now. The only significant difference between it and XP's original blue theme is the glassy, "3D" affect of the taskbar and window title bars instead of looking flat. To choose the taskbar from this theme, its called "Windows Media Center Style" in your taskbar choices.

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