How to Get Windows 10 Full Version For Free

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(Microsoft Official Upgrade) This Video Shows A Quick Step By Step Tutorial On, How to Get All New Windows 10 Full Version For Free. Upgrade to Windows 10 Without Losing Data.

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  1. Plzzz, someone help me, how can I downgrade from Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation, because this method isn't possible for me, i don't have this option in Settings – Update & Security – Recovery, plzz help

  2. when i press the show download process ,,, another window opens up and shows that you have to restart the device for updates. i restart the device several times but no updates is downloaded and the same problem occurs !!! what is the solution ?

  3. 31st july and it's coming-up failed in updates on Windows – 7 already, just thought by doing the Updates thing it would all fall in to place with my programs in tact but nothing. Been rather weird or it's got to do with your Admin Account I think being the main ccount on any NT-Windows build especially 7 Pro …Great Video …10/10….PEACE

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