How to get windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

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WINDOWS 7 64-bit



DON’T FORGET SLMGR -REARM EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE you can also turn off updates


  1. i have a disk with windows home premium but it is 32 bit. i downloaded it to my computer but it dont have the drivers for network connection. i was told its because my computer only supports 64 bit. so im thinking to try this. any recommendations

  2. hey? can anyone tell me that is this video really worth? i man is it working? Because i've Windows 7 32bit operating system in my laptop and after watching several videos i'm watching this one now hope it really works as the previous one didn't

  3. Everytime I try to install it in a virtual machine it gives me the blue screen of death at some point of the process, does this have to do with the vm? Or is it also going to happen to me if I try to install it in a new hard drive?

  4. My PC works with windows 10 how to do to return the old version, I do not have installation CD, but I have the key to the same as I should p? By the way old version was windows 7 home premium

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