How To Get Windows 7 Ultimate For Free!

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  1. bill gates is in the vaccine thing, it sterilizes thousands of people worldwide, without their knowledge and it also kills hundreds of them worldwide, without spotting the exact cause of death – you better find me a crack that works rather than to give money to this monkey that Stole DOS 3.1 to Its creator.

  2. I was never able to crack windowes 7 because first, when you install it, the system reboots during the installation. every image burning programs tested, + every builds or version downlaoded. then when by miracle it didnt booted for a full install, 20 minutes later, it reboots, PLUS no winodws loader have ever worked on my machine + my machine is powerful and in perfect shape. IMPOSSIBLE TO CRACK. I will buy the original.

  3. hmm my burning software is not activated when i bought this laptop so i cant burn but i got imgburn and it worked but now when i run the installer it stays on the setup is loading files forever and it wont boot on this laptop either it boots on others so idk

  4. how do you make it bootable, i have burning software on my laptop but never checked it out. and this laptop im installing it on has 1 gb of ram and microsoft says its recommended for 2gb do i need to get one extra ram card?

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