How To Go Back To Windows 8 If You Can’t Rollback

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I was stuck in Windows 10 limbo I figured out how to get back to windows 8.


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  1. i really need help the only 3 recovery options i have are reset pc, go to earlier build (i cant because i updated more than 10 days ago) and advanced start up. all help is appericieted.

  2. i use a ThinkVantage it used to be windows 7 but windows 10 upgraded it without permission and i do wish to change it, things where easier on windows 7 and now that i bought Minecraft i want to try it on my windows 10 BUT FUCKING WINDOWS 10 HAS TO BE UNCONPATIBLE WITH MINECRAFT. but im scared to try this XD

  3. I did the same thing but it's still Windows 10 and all my files got deleted did I do something wrong, it would be amazing if you would reply man Windows 10 is fucking up my computer thanks

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