How-to Greatly Improve Gaming Performance in Windows

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Upgrade the gaming performance on your Windows 7 (or Vista) computer for free using MSCONFIG and my recommended list of services and processes that you can close down. I’ve been asked many times to produce this video, so I hope all of my subscribers and new viewers enjoy it and find it very useful. If you have any questions at all about how to do this or a certain process or service, go ahead and post your…


  1. I mean… It helped? None of my games except beta minecraft are playing still, but it helped?? I could probably get my parents to buy me a graphics card or maybe a tower to hook up to my ducktaped up laptop on my birthday, but i have no clue how to do ANY of that. All i can do is sit around and wish that a beefy desktop computer will fall out of the sky and replace my laptop with the monitor attached by a single wire on my wobbly three- legged table. Phew, let me rest my fingers for a bit XD just had to vent but now i feel better 🙂

  2. I can't put the finger on the problem, i used adavanced system care 7, msconfig and did most things to speed up my pc, i had windows xp then, i upgraded to windows 7 32 bit, and now i have lag in my gaming, although the lag only occurs if more people joined the gaming room, so the more people the more lag, is there anything i can do to resolve this?

  3. Ok so I followed the instructions in the vid perfectly and my laptop made a great improvement in performance, which is really great thanks a lot. the only problem is that after a while my laptop keeps crashing every single time (mostly when I use an application even though I was only using one application when the crash occurred). Can someone please help? thanks.

  4. Does this really improve performance? I am playing a truck simulator but I can only use it on low settings, will this help me improve that? Appreciate and will sub if you can answer. Thanks 🙂

  5. I told a friend to check YouTube for some solutions to help improve the performance of his box. However, this video is helpful IF you know what you are disabling and what it affects. I would not recommend going through and disabling everything listed here. Some services could be required for certain applications to run. Although It takes much longer, I would research any service before stopping it, Otherwise, you may end up with some or a lot of issues with the computer not running correctly.

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