How To Greatly Improve Internet Browser Speed Windows XP

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Check out the Video Response for the NEW VIDEO on Improving your XP Internet Speed. Update download to get the fastest DNS servers local to you, to use with this video tutorial.
Instantly improve the speed of your internet browser in Windows XP by switching from your ISP DNS servers to the lightening fast DNS servers from Google. Hey, Youtube and Google use them, shouldn’t you?
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  1. I used this on my computer and on the wifes. We are out of air time with the satellite and have been on dial up speed. These settings sure changed that! We are both happy campers now. Thanks so much.

  2. excellent…!   my browsers are all incredibly peppy now.  I consistently get nearly instant responses whenever I enter a query now…!  way cool….  thanks…

    for those just trying this for the first time –
    1. be sure to download and install python or the program won't run.
    2. only run the program once.  The most accurate results come from the first time it runs.
    3. It seems to include your current router as the secondary server by default, which is not necessarily the fastest secondary server you want to be using. and the tertiary server is simply the next DNS server in the list below that, which again, is not necessarily the fastest server. Instead, look in the list of results and grab the real second fastest DNS server and use that.  In my case, the first server was 83% faster than my default DNS server, and the second server was 59% faster, while the listed tertiary server was 12% slower. Go with the two fastest and you'll see speedy results. If anything happens to them in the future, you can either run Namebench again, or just let your computer do automatic detections again. But for now, grab the two fastest DNS servers, after all, that's what we're looking for, the fastest response, isn't it…?
    4. You CANNOT use this tweak if you have your computer connected to a local network. If you disable the automatic DNS lookup (which uses you're local router for cached lookups), you will no longer be able to see other computers on your network. Simply reenabling the automatic DNS lookup does not instantly bring back your ability to see other computers on the network by itself (you''ll have until the browser service refreshes the list which may take between 2 – 5 minutes) . So if you're not on a network (or workgroup) this is a great tweak.  If your computer IS networked though, sorry, but this will cause you problems and should NOT be used. 

    This is the free MediaFire Link to the only working internet speed-up program, created by SKIDROW, the popular hacking team. Your method has been tested and it’s not real, too bad!

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