How-To Improve Windows 8 Performance without adding memory

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We all know or have faced the situation where our Windows OS has gone slow both in terms of Startup and Performance over a period of time.

I have been asked this question a lot of times, on “How to Improve Windows Performance without adding memory or upgrading resources”.

In this How-To video, I will show you a few more tweaks, to greatly improve the Startup time and overall performance of your system.

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  1. Yes, but not everyone who uses a window is a geek. And there are so many ways that virus uses to enter a system, its difficult for an enduser to know them…
    Going by your concept, if anti-virus tools were not necessary, then all these anti-virus companies would have been dead long time… more over its difficult even for a geek to stop all the virus from entering their machines without an anti-virus

  2. hello
    I bought a new notebook with two hard disk drivers . but the problem is one of them(system installed in) is SATA but very small about 120 GB . so how to make every thing (temporary files and programs ) store by default on the other driver D driver which have 1 TB and keep just the OS on the small driver so I can get advantage of SATA hard drive ??

  3. go to Microsoft support, into the live chat help and let them have remote control over your PC, they fix a problem like that with mi computer, seems like one of the native apps (Lenovo apps) were not working correctly, they deleted it and done, now everything is working right.

  4. sir ? i have a new pc and it really pisses me off becouse it moves pretty slow and my GC keeps going very slow why ?
    it has 8GB of RAM and 1TB of Memory and still it works shity 🙁 can u please gimme an advice ?

  5. The easy way…

    1)Select the OS edition as per your hardware config, some people are foolish enough to load ultimate edition on a notebook and then they go on complaining about their system being slow.

    2)Use cclearner to clean up all the junk stated in this video and more such as dns cache etc.

    3)Use Registry mechanic to remove broken registry entries, defrag them and select custom start up service options.

    4)And most important of all….don't install Apple apps which are horrible on PC's

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