How to Increase CPU Speed Windows 7 Free Easy & Fast & How to make Windows 7 Faster

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How to get maximum performance from your processor CPU & Increase Computer Speed. Free & Fast tutorial on how to increase cpu speed windows 7 & vista. See how to make windows 7 faster and quickly how to increase cpu usage & how to increase cpu ghz by almost double. You will also see how to increase computer speed on any laptop or desktop quickly and easily. How to increase speed and how to increase internet speed is seen in a few short steps. If you ever wanted to learn how to increase…


  1. i have intel core i3 2350m @2.30Ghz……GTA 5 need minimum 2.40Ghz…………the game is laging sometimes….any solution?
    my specs : 6gb ram , 2gb vram (intel hd graphics 4000) , windows 7 home premium (sp1) 64 bit

  2. this is the power plan, title is different, you can adjust this on the key board by selecting the screen power , if you want to make the computer faster there are many steps you have to do. firas from the start  type msconfig, and the select start option and disable all programs that is not in windows file.
     then go back to start after restart your computer and type dxdiag, and do the check for all computer components.
    restart again and see the deference

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