How To: Increase your mouse polling rate in Windows 7 and Windows Vista (Improved)

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An improved tutorial I made very quickly on how to up your polling rate on Windows 7 and Vista. I hope this helps a few people out.

Downloads are listed in order of use.

Driver Signature Enforcer Overrider:

The text you need to copy and paste:




HIDUSBF (Mouse Rate Changing Application):…


  1. I changed it to 125 because of issues on black ops 2, but when i tested it, it was so different, from 2 – 900 Hz , and avarage 650… so what should i do? or is it because i have a Mad Catz mouse? someone please help me…

  2. windows 10 & 8.1(update) working on my ms surface w8.1 64 (have a read through the thread submitted on overclock if you want see if it's working on 7 or 8 – I've linked it below the dl) READ MORE FOR THE STEP BY STEP

    open the download > extract all > open the document > install the certificates > right click 'hidusbf' and install > open 'setup' > tick filter on device and set your desired rate > click restart . Open mouse rate checker and it should be 500hz now. If it isn't working then click on 'install services' within usb mouse rate adjuster and that will install the .inf
    – If you've installed the wrong driver then right click 'hidusbfu' and
    install – that will uninstall the previous drivers.

  3. hey i need help, I replaced my old mouse, as the one that increased rate. to a new one, at first plug, it's not moving, so i disable the dseo13b first, and plug the new mouse again, afterwards I can't increase the rate of the new mouse

  4. This is the correct way to do it for you who doesn't get it to work 🙂
    1.Download DIMR.exe Mouserate dseo13b.exe hidusbf
    2.Run “dseo13b.exe” and choose “enable testmode”.
    3. Extract hidusbf to some folder and right click on it and choose install.
    4.Run setup.exe from “hidusbf” folder, check the filter on device box and select your desired sample rate.
    5. Run “dseo13b.exe” again, choose sign a system file, full path to the HIDUSBF.sys (For example: C:WindowsSystem32DriversHIDUSBF.sys) <– You only need this one. Forget the other one

    Restart your computer.
    Run the DIMR.exe or Mouserate.exe to test the ms and hz you get.

    Thank you //LaTrO

  5. Hey man, can you say me how to fix it when I press install devices. You said;"that is pain in the ass" that is exactly what I clicked now my mouse isnt working , used also another mouse, nothing. Only keyboard , if you can help mi fast I will he so thankeful

  6. Well something fucked up for me,my port still works though when I plug my keyboard there but my mouse won't work on that port anymore,don't know whats up with that.Would appreciate some help.I'm on Windows 8.1

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