How to Install a HP Laserjet 1012 in Windows 10 (Unsupported Personality PCL mentioned)

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This is an updated video guide in regards to installing the HP Laserjet 1012 on Windows 10 with the error Unsupported Personality: PCL5 being touched upon.


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  1. every time i hit the windows update button in the steps that you provide… after about 10 seconds or so a window pop ups and says "Windows was unable to get a list of devices form windows update please try again later." Any idea how to fix this error as well? thanks for the help

  2. Works just like you said it would. So happy that I don't have to buy a new printer. People like you make life easier, and I am very blessed that I found your video. For anyone who wants to save their HP 1012 printer, this video is amazing, with great step by step instructions.
    Thanks Again

  3. Bless you for this video! I was getting so frustrated trying to install a stupid driver and my laptop wouldn't cooperate. I watched this video and I'm not printing like a champ!!! Thanks bunches!!!!!

  4. just purchased a new HP laptop with windows 10, and this work-around does not work? Is there another driver that will work? (HP Laserjet 3055 PCL5 driver Will not work) This work-around worked on my old windows 10 laptop.

  5. I also didn't get the dot4_001 port but used the "USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB)" after reading this, and it worked! Thanks for this tutorial.

  6. I only see 3055 PCL6 Class Driver. Am I crazy… I tried using that too and it definitely is hooked up to the printer, but the tester pages come out blank and when I print anything else it says Unsupported Personality.

  7. Your fix was great UNTIL December 1, 2017 when Windows 10 did an "update". Suddenly after the update HP1012 wouldn't work.  I went through the steps again. I delete the driver and printer and reloaded, sadly, nothing!  Any ideas how we can circumvent whatever update changes were made?

  8. Steve, you are a freaking genius. I was so bummed when I couldn't use my 1012 workhorse with my new laptop. Seems to be working well now. I didn't have the Dot4 port show up, so the first one I selected didn't work. I went back and selected the USB0001 and it worked great! Thank you so much!!!!

  9. I finally made it too! I have installed the 1012 on my brand new Acer pc and now it works well! But In my case there was an extra necessary step that i have discovered only after several attempts. During the installation I selected the Port DOT4 : in this way the printer was working but everytime i was getting an error message that was saying "the printer is in error modality" (rough translation from Italian Language:-) so i have changed to the Port USB001 and in this way i didn't get any error message anymore. About the driver: i obteined from the Windows Update the HP Laserjet 3055 PCL5 and it made the printer working: sincerly i don't know if with the 1015 one would work as well: you can try:-) Thanks a lot Steve!

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