How to install Ableton Live 9 with low latency on Ubuntu / Linux with Wine

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How to install Ableton Live with low latency on Ubuntu / Linux with Wine using WineASIO


  1. Thanks! followed this and had success! I run UbuntuStudio 16.04 and for me Wine supported only Ableton 32-bit version. It does crash a lot and there are many issues but it runs! I prefer LMMS now but there is a nice selection of electronic sounds. I do not recommend buying Ableton to use on Linux, use the trial version.

  2. I installed Linux/ Ubuntu unity on a Chromebook. Reached the step where Ableton Live is downloading then an error appeared: "Error in FS_Check
    The followinf file is located in a noexec mounted filesystem
    It may prevent Wine from working"…. What does this mean and how can I fix it. Anybody??

  3. Hi Carlesen66, I tried to install wineasio but it gave me an error "Error in source
    shady is not part of the 'audio' group. Please add shady to 'audio' group." any idea how to solve this?
    Thank you

  4. I found out on how to install ableton WITHOUT playonlinux. All you have to do is get the Setup.msi file and put it somewhere. Then you install wine if you dont have it but when you try to right click on the setup file and click open with wine it gives you something like you need a windows 7 or higher os so you press the home button and search for wine and when you do that you click on window os or something like that its on the bottom and you scroll up to find windows 7 or 8 and click on it and click apply and ok. Then now you should be able to right click on the setup file and click open with wine and install it. Its not loading up ill find out on how to install it without wine crashing .-.

  5. Carlsen66,

    I've watched both of your videos for installing Ableton. However, I can't even make it past the first installation process, I get an error, "POL_Wine" crash everytime I try and install something. Or, if I try and make a virtual drive before hand, 64bit, and install the shell needed, it will install but won't launch or allow me to make a shortcut. This is very very frustrating.

  6. Thanks for your post!

    But what version of Ubuntu are you using, is it 32 or 64-bit?

    I have NO success in following this tutorial using Linux Mint 17, 64-bit.
    The WINE seams only want to simulate Windows XP when adding Ableton Live 9, so the install crashes since it requires Windows 7 or greater.
    I will not switch to Windows, but I'm ready to switch Linux-distribution to get this running.

  7. Thank you very much you saved my life 😉 but could you do another good video on how to install vst and DLL, I have a lots of problems, and you make it soooo easily 😛 Thanks again and long live Linux 😛

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