How To Install an SSD and restore Windows 7 on the Asus G74SX

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I now have the G750JH-DB71, so I’m sharing my G74SX restore downloads. They are VERY big, and need to be burned to a DVD. I’d label each one “G74SX Disc 1” through Disc 3.

IGNORED the “Make Backup Discs” warnings?
Lost your restore discs? Well you’re in LUCK!

Disc 1:…


  1. Hi thanks for the great install video. Quick question, I currently have an Asus g74s and wanting to upgrade the SSD since it's starting to slow down after so much use. Is there anyway to tell which SSD will or will not work with my laptop? And if my CD drive is currently not working, can I do the system restore off control panel to get the same effects as copying those windows install files to a disc and doing it that way?

  2. I deleted my windows and I tried to reinstall it. I have Windows on a thumb drive I have used this thumb drive to install Windows on other computers and for some reason everytime I reinstall Windows using a thumb drive on my Asus g74sx my windows keeps looping. are there three links the recovery with Windows for this computer

  3. one more question,the ios downloads are restore Disk???? and did you download all 3 on one Disk????can i also make a flash drive from the ios downloads???man have more questions but can think of what i need to cover,well when i remember i'll ask,thanks….

  4. wwjoshdew im getting a Asus G75V-DS73-3D
    INTEL(R) CORE i7(TM) 3610Qm 700 HDD
    2.30GHZ 12GB RAM 700HDD WINDOWS 7
    But i'm buying it from the pawn shop,so no back up disk and i'm gonna replace the HHD for SSD,can i make my own Back up disk and how ????oh and the pawn store said if i know how to do a factory reset,i said yes.But if i just do a factory reset will i still need a recovery Disk??? i hope not…..Hope you can replay,and yes the video was coll i gave it a like

  5. Hi there. I just watched your video, I want to oppgrade my ram, I have an ASUS G74S with 8G of Ram, but I don't know the Ram type it use. Can you please help me? is it DDR3L? Thank you very much

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