How-to install and uninstall applications from the command line Fedora Linux [HD]

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In this video i am going to show how-to install and uninstall applications from the command line on Fedora Linux.

The Fedora Project is an openly-developed project designed by Red Hat, open for general participation, led by a meritocracy, following a set of project objectives. The goal of The Fedora Project is to work with the Linux community to build a complete, general purpose operating system exclusively from open source software. Development will be done in a public forum. The project…


  1. Thank you… but there is a way to avoid answering many questions along the way… You can simply put "yum -y remove thesoftwarename" or after remove and having typed the first three letters of the software you want to remove, then you can press shift to auto complete what you want to type.

  2. wow, am I wrong or it does not also remove the dependencies that Fedora needed in order to execute Midori?

    Marcelo, ele não remove as dependências que foram instaladas para que o Midori rodasse? Como o Fedora trata esse tipo de coisa? Penso que isto pode vir a tomar espaço desnecessário com o tempo, principalmente numa VM rodando de um SSD, digamos.

  3. How come you just used the install command to install Midori? Was the repository for Midori already on Fedora or did you have to install the RMP Fusion repositories which had the Midori repository in it

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