How to Install Android SDK & Eclipse ADT Plugin on Windows 10 using Eclipse Mars 2015

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In this video we’ll be setting up Eclipse for use as an Android Development Environment on a Windows 10 machine. For the purposes of this video, we’ll be installing the most recent, as of September 2015, versions of Eclipse, the Java SE Runtime Environment, and the Android SDK. We’ll demonstrate several common installation problems as well as how to address the issue.

If you’re unable to get the Android SDK installed properly due to the Android ADT Plugin not installing correctly, this…


  1. +NDL Coding The ADT plugin does not support Eclipse it says on the following link. Any Alternative ? If not, Can you please tell me What it is used for and what cons will I get by not having it installed .. Thanks,

  2. Hi,

    Thanks. This is a nice video.

    But I am using Windows 10 Home (64 bit) and I am a little confused as to what I really need to be able to do regular Java programming and develop Andriod apps. I want to use Eclipse IDE only and not Android Studio.

    So, what do I need to install? All the below ones or some of them?

    Eclipse IDE
    Android ADT plug-in
    Java JDK
    Android SDK

    Do I need to install each of the above in a particular order?


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