How to install Bliss OS 7.2 (dual boot about Ubuntu)

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Tutorial for install your own Android 7.x (about BlissOS)

Important: In my virtual environment it is not working, Please try it on physical hardware.

How to install BlissOS and a brief introduction
– from 00:00 to end Introduction

Helpful links
– (BlissOS )
– (Install & Configure Ubuntu)

insmod part_gpt
search –file –no-floppy –set=root /blissos/system.sfs
linux /blissos/kernel…


  1. insmod part_gpt
    search –file –no-floppy –set=root /blissos/system.sfs
    linux /blissos/kernel root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.selinux=permissive buildvariant=userdebug SRC=/
    initrd /blissos /initrd.img

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