How To Install C&C Red Alert On Windows XP/Vista

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  1. I changed the compatibility of setup to windows 95, but it still won't let me install the game of local disk, saying this program is a product of windows 95 only.
    how do i fix this?

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  3. fuck me! i had to wipe my computer and lose this and when i went to install it again now it say cannot run on 6.1 vista and its in compatability for windows 95 already… WHY COMPUTER WHY!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi M8 I have downloaded RA2 for vista, with crack rite. I click on game app it loads then does nothing, I click on RA2 App it needs the CD-Rom. I tried double-clicking on the Setup App the screen goes blank i think it's going to work then it says setup has stopped. I try Auto Run the RA2 Installation screen appears, I click on Install and it says it cannot find setup.exe I click setup.exe by it self and it says could not find red alert 2 + yuri's revenge + crack and serialssetupsetup.exe

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