How To Install Epson Printer In Linux

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  1. thank you for your help I just transformed my wondows XP laptop from XP to Lin Mint works amazingly and printer doesnt always respond but now I can crunch numbers on the go again with out needing a new laptop and I can print the paer work with ease.

  2. I went to the page and installed according to the instructions for my printer, I also used CUPS to set the page to print in vivid, as it was printing lite. The cups administrator user name and password are "root" as user name and your admin for linux password. I also went to the web page for my printer and was able to view the ink levels. First step is a visit to epson, or do a search for linux mint drivers for "printer name and model"

  3. Make sure to select "LPD/LPR-Warteschlange (PASSTHRU)" as "Verbindung" when adding the printer in Ubuntu 16.10. "IPP Netzwerk-Drucker via DNS-SD" is the default now which does not work with my Epson WF-3620. The "Tinten-/Tonerfüllstand" is working by the way with my Epson WF-3620 without making any adjustments. So now way around this necessary in my case.

  4. I see that your'e using HP now, but you don't need any OS support to check ink levels on recent Epson network printers. I have an Epson WorkForce 60 (low-end wireless) that I got about the time you made your video. Connect to port 80 with a browser and you have a graphic display of ink levels.

  5. Just in addition to my earlier comment about using the printer's IP address for ink info…I now use my phone more often to print and to get the ink status using Epson's iPrint app. Very convenient and straight forward. Don't get sucked in to believing you have to register your printer with a windows or Mac box. Just open the app and scan for your printer or…press and hold existing printer name and add a new printer's IP address. Enjoy.

  6. Why is it that you have MANY more Epson information/packages in your Synaptic? I don't have nearly that many, I have like 8? I had to download them from Epson, and wanted to do it from the Synaptic. So if I need to do this again please tell me how you got all those drivers to be there?

  7. Try the epson-printer-utility available from Epson, and in the list you showed in the video.  It doesn't create an icon for me, but /opt/epson-printer-utility/bin/epson-printer-utility is an application that will show you the ink levels of your printer.  You can create a desktop link from your file manager to that application if you wish.

  8. Thanks for this – couldnt get my xp-325 to work, drivers wouldnt install, now I do the synaptic package installer part, it works just fine, dont really understand what im doing but it works – only thing is max res is 300 x 300 dpi…or at least thats what it says.

  9. When you do the search on Synaptic App manager, one of the files I found for Epson was an ink level indicator which works perfectly on my Epson Workforce. All you have to do is include that file with the printer driver you wish to install.

  10. I really enjoyed your video clip and I may have a solution to your ink level problems.

    I have recently purchased an Epson Workforce WF-3530 Multifunction Dual Bin Wireless, USB or Ethernet Connected Printer with Scanner, Fax, Copier, etc… , and it has been running great under Windows XP.

    Today, I was trying to set it up on Mageia 4 Linux (an RPM type Distro) and I went to the Epson Support Page and found separate Linux Drivers for my Workforce WF-3530 Printer, its internal Scanner and internal Fax !

    There were both 32 bit and 64 bit RPM and Deb downloads available as well as SRC files.

    Here is a link to the Epson Printer Driver Installation which is designed to be run under CUPS.

    I downloaded the latest Full Feature printer driver file (2012 version), and then I right clicked on the printer driver downloaded file, and selected to Open With and I selected Software Installer, and was prompted to save or install the file.  I selected Install, and the system determined that many dependent files were needed including the required package of LSB 3.2 which they state must be installed before this driver.  I accepted all of the suggested files, and clicked Install.  A few minutes later everything was installed and I was able to go into the Mageia Control Center, and click on the Printer Install button to begin the final leg of the installation.  I knew that the printer was on a specific IP address, so I put that into the page that looked almost identical to yours in the video, and the printer was located very quickly.  I followed the rest of the prompts, and was able to print a test page without any problem.  I was also able to select either paper bin, or the bypass slot for printing as well as most of the other normal stuff. 

    Best of all, ALL of the Ink Cartridges were shown with ink levels and Epson Part numbers for reordering them.

    I'm a Happy Camper! 

    Since Epson clearly does provide Epson Linux Drivers for a ton of their devices, I would suggest you take a look.

    Also, there are Linux based FAQ's and Installation Instructions (which leave a lot to the imagination, but it's a start) on the same site that may be helpful.

    I have the Printer running using the downloaded Epson Drivers under CUPS, and am working on the Scanner part of the installation.  There are 3 drivers for the Scanner that have to be installed in a specific order according to the instructions, so I'm looking forward to getting that part working too.

    Good Luck!

  11. Watched this with interest, as I have been trying to install similar printer, Epson – XP- 410_Series on Linux Lite 1.0.8. When I turn on printer, it is recognized and searches for a driver. Ends up not in database. I have tried to download from and Downloads ultimately fail to connect, just get time-outs. i.e. I checked on synaptic (as you do in video), do a search for Epson, only a few files pop up, certainly not the list of specific drivers you get in video. I've tried downloading from Firefox, Chrome, Explorer (Windows) with another computer, etc. No luck. So, I'm running out of options. Any suggestions? Max

  12. The best linux os for windows users is Linux Mint especially because the themes that you can get in gnome, you can get a windows xp or windows 7 theme in linux mint and noone would even be able to tell the difference!

  13. Regarding checking the ink levels, have you tried installing either the escputil package, or the libinklevel5 package in synaptic? The first one allows head cleaning and aligning as well as showing ink levels. The second one just shows ink levels …according to the description on both counts. Also, libinklevel5 supports other makes of printers too, not just Epson. Whether it/they work or not, could you do a video update please? It may or may not work for your printer, but it may work for someone else with another printer. I hope that info helps you and anyone else out there.

  14. I have to agree.
    When you are used to do some things in life that just make the work with no stress at all  and then have to move from a new set ofmotion that takes agesto do the usual job as before, is not just the countless hours that you have to spent to achieve the finished job that you had to make only, even if you had suceed in doing after a long time and effort, also is the new way of doing things that do not match the previous way, and you have to accept that things are not as was before and only has this way of doing things now an so….
    There is a video about  Linus Torvalds on Why Linux Is Not Successful On Dektop, search for it, you will expend your mind about the subject, and he talks about the major problem on LInux OS's on the desktop, compared of Mobiles and Ebook e-ink readers that use the LInux kernel as their root and they succed on the market.
    The number 1 issue for it is the low support on drivers, meaning that e.g. a student that do not care about OS he/she uses on a daily basis but have only to print their documents, sometimes find trouble with some poor support drivers and the only thing that they could worry in the world right now is the printer working, and so, some little issues like that, besides some softwares working fine and with TONS of funccionalities in another OS's and not on Linux that are the worst enemies for it.

    Understood the point, someone?

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