How to install Google Chrome in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 17.04 17.10

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This video describes the steps to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 17.04 and 17.10

Commands are not in description as I want people to understand and learn when and where any why to type these commands.
Copy paste will lead to no skill development.

It is for your benefit I did not post commands here and this is how I learned stuffs.


  1. hey, dudes! in case someone has an issue with launching google chrome in ubuntu 16 LTS, i have a solution. here it is:
    (here it is in russian)
    установка google chrome и chromium в ubuntu 16:

    1 устанавливаем текущий (последний) хром через gdebi
    2 удаляем текущий хром через synaptic (НЕ полное удаление – обычное)
    3 устанавливаем chrome 40 из моей группы vk: – 64 bit chrome, – 32 bit chrome через gdebi (долго устанавливается)
    4 удаляем chrome 40 через synaptic
    5 устанавливаем chromium через synaptic
    6 устанавливаем хром через gdebi-gtk (естественно, последний хром)

    here in ENG:

    1 install given (latest) chrome through gdebi
    2 delete google-chrome within synaptic (NOT full uninstall – just the regular one)
    3 install google chrome 40 with help of gdebi-gtk (installs long enough)
    vk: – 64 bit chrome, – 32 bit chrome
    4 delete google-chrome through synaptic
    5 install chromium through synaptic
    6 install google chrome again through gdebi-gtk
    (the last google chrome of course)

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