How To Install GTA 5 Redux Mod (Tutorial) Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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How To Install GTA 5 Redux Graphics Mod (Tutorial) Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Required Files Links :
GTA 5 update v1.33 :
Open IV :
Redux Mod + PatchDay 1 :
ScriptHook V :

Hey wassup guyz my name is Danish and im back with my another video which is requested by a Subscriber “How To Install GTA 5 Redux Graphics…


  1. Mai gta 5 ke redux mod chalana chata ho mera pass gta 5 pirated hai mana aapki video deki tho ab mai chata ho redux chalna kya chala sakta ho pirated mai without upgrade plz tell

  2. after installing redux mod,offline story mod mission are not working side line mission also and the cheat example turtle,power up ability max cheat etc and give the link of installing all the mod cars etc manually thank you

  3. Please help me i have core i5 1st generation 650
    3.20ghz and i have 6 gb ram and have gtx 560 ti 1 gb i play gta v with high setting with 40 45 fps but my msva are off in gta v will it work on my pc

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