How to Install intel 915 driver in windows 7

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this video tells how to install intel 915 driver in windows 7
Note : Aero will not work with this driver but directx 9 and opengl 1.4 will work
Link for Graphics.rar

If link is not working, then just download the normal “Zipped” drivers for Windows XP from intel’s website. Then extract them. There you will find some installation files and the “Graphics” folder. Use this one instead of the folder which you get from Graphics.rar


  1. Also no any manual or installer on Windows 8.1 Windos 10 install GMA 915 drivers – why becouse MS form W8 disabled install xp driver manual force like was in WIn 7 . So on 8. and 10 geniue MS only Drivers – no problem to video or desktop or small games but if u need use exemple games the geniue driver are compatybility to run it

  2. This file he is directing you to download is not a .rar file it is and .exe file.
    If you downloaded this file you are a fool, the file contains viruses and is also infected with malware, even if you choose not to install the extra programs you will still be infected.
    If you have already installed you best uninstall and scan your system for viruses/malware.
    Reported as spam/misleading users.

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