How to Install Kali Linux Tool Step By Step | The Tool Used By NSA Explained

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Hello Friends In This Video We Will Learn About A Tool That is Used By NSA And We Will Also Discuss About A Hacking Group Shadow Brokers.

The Link To The Tool

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  1. Bhai ye tool last year h leak kiya tha aur ise tool k through h ramsomware spread hua tha … Aur mostly windows 7 edition ko target kiya tha .. With smb protocol through is execute kiya smb v1 smb v2

  2. Bhai aap hamesha kuch na kuch deka te hea pc sea .android wala ke liye kuch nehi deka te hea..mea android mea kali linux install kye hea bhai toh aap WIFI hack keshe kare plz plz plz plz plz plz tell me

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