How to Install KDE Plasma on Ubuntu 17.10

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A short video on installing KDE plasma on Ubuntu 17.10!

Commands for installing –
– sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports
– sudo apt update
– sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop

– Uninstalling
Unfortunately you can’t uninstall KDE permanently you may break your computer if you do so.
If you want to go back to old desktop. Then simply change it from the lockscreen – Desktop environment/session (bottom left) and select Gnome or Ubuntu Xorg on the spinner/list…


  1. Excellent video – thanks for making it. Just one question – what video editor did you use? I use Kdenlive at the moment, but am looking for alternatives (just to see what else is out there).

  2. Nice one.
    I'd recommend you rename the title to, "How to Install KDE Plasma on Ubuntu 17.10"
    Besides that, the presentation was quite impressive

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