How to Install Language Pack in Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

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How to add language packs, display languages, keyboard layouts, and input method editors in Windows 8 , windows 8.1 and Windows RT.

How to Install Language Pack in Windows 10
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  1. when i watch this video everything goes so smoth and cool and music is playing but in reality when i reach that window with my desired language it says "not available in this windows version" I cannot even download and unpack a language pack, the system does not let me do that and everything turns to hell then. pity, your video did not help

  2. at 1:14 mine says it's not aviable for my windows edition

    so does that mean I'm stuck with a stupid laptop thats in Spanish

    I can understand it fine but I hate reading in Spanish

    is there something I can do some one please help me

  3. Hi, I have a problem. I cannot download the language pack (step at 1:14) there is a message saying "connect to internet to check for language packs" instead but internet is working fine. 1 year ago, I was able to dowload the russian pack with no problem. So what changed ?
    Also, in advenced parameters, someone said to me to set the display Language back to "use the Language list" but the problem is still the same. (sorry for my english)

  4. Beautifully done ! Easy and clean . Really nice. THANK YOU . My only concern is the video did not address if the system was 32 , 64 bit. I don't know if this is important or not relevant . If you or others have an answer to this , please post. . 

    Thanks again for a great job. 


  5. i have the Arabic Pack installed and working fine but not on online gaming and i really need it since i need to answer ppl when they talk to me! anything that can help

  6. Can't I just directly download this from the internet and install it on my computer? I have some latinamerican rip off of windows 8 and the bloody search bar does not limit to settings. Plus there is no button to download the english service pack.

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