How to Install Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux Mint

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Step by step video tutorial on how to Install Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux Mint


  1. Not able to get your procedure to work. After entering my key code, I was able to load office 2010. But, after opening excel, I was required to use 'activation wizard.' I was not able to use the 'recommended…over the internet' due to error code stating 'communications problem..check internet connection." Nothing wrong with my internet, so then I tried their 'activate over phone, ' which didn't work. It had 9 groups of "I.D." numbers needed to be manually inserted in the 8 group of boxes below. Needless to say, activation wouldn't work, because 9 boxes were needed,but, not provided. All i could get then was "invalid confirmation number!" Despite not being to activate, i was able to open excel and try and use, but, noticed my imported libreoffice calc spreadsheet would not fully load, nor was their an update function in this opened excel sheet. So what is the problem?

  2. Seeing that this excellent video was recorded 3 years ago, does anyone know if this still Works? I want to move to Linux Mint but I still need to work with a Microsoft Word. Anyone?

  3. Love you dude! Was having so much trouble. If some of you are still having problems, install "winbind" from the package manager. Modern versions of ubuntu/mint don't have it installed. That was my problem for a while.

  4. i reached the step where you have to double click on Microsoft office 2010 , it comes up and when it comes up i get the first screen but when i hit next , i this " Error in main
    Please install winbind before installing Microsoft Office 2010 "… please help as soon as you can thankyou

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