How to install multiple operating system on windows 8.1 (Win 7 + Linux)

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Hay Friends,

In this video I have shown step by step process to install virtual windows 7 and Linux on Windows 8.1 using VMware Player 2015.


  1. OS running inside vmware or any other virtual machine doesn´t has the same performance of an OS installed on a second boot. In order to run virtual machines with the same performance, you need to install Hypervisors type 1, also called bare metal, and then install OS over it. Vmware has it´s own hypervisor type 1 and it´s calle ESXi with the platform vSphere. Google it !

  2. after installing kali linux it is giving me a message on a terminal that use a kernel appropriate to your CPU…
    my PC speci. are i3-2328M 64-BIT 6GB RAM 2.2GHz. windows 8
    what to do.??..rply must..

  3. Thank you for this explicit video. I have a problem- after installation can there be any modification like uninstallment and incrementing disk space for it virtual OS.

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