How to install Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu or Linux Mint

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  1. hey I have a problem with ubuntu 16.04 i've been using it for more than 6 months now but at the last 2 months i'm experiencing a lan problem i did some research and couldn't find anything helpful till now
    the problem is when i plug my lan cable to the modem it's never detected i know it's not the modem causing this because i tested it with another computer and it works fine, i thought the lan cable was bad so i used a new one but still the same issue, i've checked the network interface but it seems like it somehow got deleted (i think it's because of kali linux that i use in a VM) so i tried to add a new interface it didn't work several times than the interface apeared but it doesn't have a mac address LOL.
    so i erased that interface and tried to make a new one but still no lan.

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