How to install Photoshop CC on Ubuntu 16.04 ? -2017

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This video will guide to, “How to install Photoshop CC on Ubuntu 16.04 ? ”

Before you start follow this video you want to install some softwares

1. Wine Tricks
2. Configure Wine

How to install Wine on Ubuntu? :
How to install Playonlinux on Ubuntu? :



  1. After Installing , when I start it, It is showing "the program photoshop.exe encountered a serous problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience.this can be caused by a problem in the program or a deficiency in the wine. you may want to check the application database for tips about running this application ." now what to do ?

  2. Will this also work on Ubuntu Studio? I'm thinking about making the switch to Ubuntu Studio from Windows, I just need to know that I'll still be able to use all of the software that I use.

  3. how come that every singel time that I try to istal photoshop it says "program PDapp.exe has a serious problem and need to shut down. we are sorry for the troble" Please helt me cuz I have done everything that your video says. :/ great video btw!!

  4. Why does it always say ubuntu for these? Is playonlinux some Ubuntu created or comes with Unity? I havent tried unity in ages. But isn't it all the same on Arch or debian etc? Unity does look much nicer these days though

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