How to Install Print Server on Windows 7

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Through this tutorial you can learn how to install a print server on your computer while allows you to take out printouts from it.

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to install a print server. Whenever you wish to print something from your…


  1. It looks as if he installs the printer twice but he installs it first as a service and the second time it is installed as a printer to connect to print. So the second printer install steps are needed by others on the network to connect to the printer.

  2. i never play with print server with usb to rj45 port before, on my understanding these mini print server their ip have to get from a pc "ipconfig., they cant be set a dedicate ip for the print server

  3. I want to turn my wired USB printer into a wireless printer. I know there is a way to do it, but when I get to the part where I have to enter the ip address I am lost so I am guessing this tutorial is only for wifi printers.

  4. In my case, I didn't have to add the "LPD Print Service" and "LPR Port Monitor" because it was a different scenario. Still this video helped to figure out my correct settings. Thank you.
    (HP Colorlaser 3700 USB connected to a print server with static IP)

  5. running windows 7 pro and I can't make it to the customization option screen. once I click on next and it finds the printer, the only options that I have are "Finish" and "Cancel". tried to do this about 10 times now, and it still doesn't want to give me the customization option for printer sharing. 

  6. when you create the first printer you selected " create a new port " and then you gave an IP address .
    but when you create the second printer you selected "Use an existing port "
    what is the difference between these steps ?
    thank you

  7. You can. If these printers run on different operation systems, try out this article:
    Also check:

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