How to install python 3.4.1 on windows 8

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A simple video that shows you how to install an old version of python on an old OS.
NOTE: If the window in the video doesn’t show up, click on wherever it says, “browse my computer”, go to Python34, and pythonw will be there.


  1. if someone's having trouble like I was in choosing which default program to open the shortcut with:

    ("Choose default program" doesn't show up.)

    Right click the newly created "idle.pyw" shortcut.
    Upon right-clicking, go to "Properties"; a small window for the Properties of the shortcut opens up.
    Click the "General" tab.
    Click the "Change…" button.
    Click "More options" and select (in the Python directory, where the files of your installation are) "pythonw.exe".
    Done, the default program has been selected. Now the shortcut opens with "pythonw" like in the video.

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